About the MBA

The Mountville Borough Authority (MBA) was created in 1952 by the Mountville Borough Council to oversee the conversion of the Mountville Water Co. to a non-profit holding company.  Subsequently, MBA developed a fifty-two acre park in West Hempfield Township called Lake Grubb.   Lake Grubb served as Mountville Borough’s water supply source.  In the late 1990’s, Columbia Water Company began water service in Mountville Borough, bringing an end to Lake Grubb as Mountville’s water source.

In 2005, the MBA was given charge of converting the original Mountville Elementary School into the current Mountville Area Community Center (MACC).  While renovations of the former elementary school are ongoing, the MACC has several long term tenants, and has been renting space on a one time use basis.  It will remain the duty of the MBA to oversee and maintain the MACC, making it an integral and viable asset to Mountville Borough and the surrounding communities.  For more information about the MACC and for rental inquiries, please call (717) 285-4873 or go to

Attend a Meeting

The Mountville Borough Authority meets on the second Thursday of every month, at 7:00pm in the Mountville Borough Municipal Bulding, located at 21 East Main Street in Mountville, PA. The public is welcome!

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Meeting Minutes

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Board Members

Chair: Ed Schopf

Vice-Chair: Doug Pryer

Treasurer: Derle Williams

Secretary: Wendy Weitzel

Member: Steve Mitchell

Member: Debbie Bastian

Member: Theresa Baker

Property Manager: John Hess

Mountville Borough Authority
21 East Main Street
Mountville, PA 17554